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Raj starts dating a drop dead georgeous african american girl.  The only thing is that she charges 500 dollars for coitus.  Raj does not care because he comes from money and he makes a substantial wage, but not ready to divulge this information to his friends.  He carries a picture of her, but his friends are skeptical as to her existance, especially Penny.  Penny is uppermost on his mind, because of her street smarts grants her the best person to obtain the information that he is not ready to give.


The whole gang wants to meet this mystery woman, especially Penny.  Her charater is evolving as as a protector of the group with street smarts which seems to elude the scientists.  Raj does not have much of a social life, so when Raj startes saying that he has other plans, Sheldon goes nuts.  Raj's girfriend has clients, but she is really starting to like Raj, not as a trick but as a person.  Penny finally succeeds into Raj and his girlfriend eating at her restaurant, but promised not to be there.  Penny figures a promise is something to be broken if it is important enough.  Meeting Raj's girlfriend is most important to Penny.  When Penny brings the Bill, Raj's girlfriend says ( I'll take that. ) This is where Penny makes one of her great facial expressions.  I am not sure what just happened here, but I will find out.

Penny invites Raj into her apartment, and she tell the rest of the group to stay out in her most commanding voice that the whole group totally understands.  Raj tells her every thing, and that he is very happy, and could she find it in her heart to leave things alone.


We are talking about Penny the Protector.  Street smarts at hand, she finds Raj's girlfriend.  All the way over, she is trying to convince herself to just talk, no violence just talk.  They meet and Raj's girlfriend knows right off that Penny means business.  She tells Penny that Raj is a great guy, and she is beginng to have feelings for him.  She is very confused because this is no way to conduct business in her line of work, and now asks Penny's advice what to do.  So far the only thing I can think of is to pay for everything when I ask him out.  It is now time for Penny's what is going on expression.  The tables are not turning, but spinning.  Raj's girlfriend says I could use a drink.  Penny inquires are you asking me out so I don't have to pay?



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