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Here is the actual episode I wrote.  It is more or less a rough draft of an idea, but I think it works.  I'm a science fiction writer and comedy television is not my forte; I like the idea and it was fun to write.   It may not be a top notch episode idea that many will like, but it was what I would consider a "just for fun episode".  It ends in a sort of slapstick situation and that is why I think many will not like it.  As for comedy, I do lean toward slapstick so it naturally came out.  I think I got the characters right, though, even after being a fan and watching every episode, sometimes a writer can get them wrong.   I tried not to force the comedy--remember, I'm not a comedy writer--I just tried to let the characters say what comes natural.  I think, at least, that I have a good idea for an episode.  The acutal writers of TBBT can add so much more to it, I'm sure.  I hope you like it.




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