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The Game Of Luxury

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"THEY" only TRIED to invent Time Travel? Luxury! Where I'm from "THEY" did invent Time Travel, and I was NEVER born!!! 

You have highways?  LUXURY ! Whenever we need to drive, we only have dirt roads to drive on !   @ SNELL, If your last post was true (pardon me if it wasn't) you've done a great thing as I,myself w

You can see yellow and brown? LUXURY! I was actually born colorblind. But I'm feeling blue all the time. 

MADAMOCHO, The longer you post in The Land Of GAMES,. the more you will notice my memory issues. Sorry about the repeating of rocks. Also I love your Distress Flag !


 You have a cat?

The closest thing we have to a pet, is a picture out of a medical book of the skeleton of a chihuahua,

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Don't worry about it. I know you were just trying to rub in the fact that you had swanky rocks.

And I do have to comment on your good lookin' ass. I am a fan of donkeys.


You have a picture?


My little brother acts out the things we've seen on vacation. The Grand Canyon nearly killed him!



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