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Discovery Of Higgs Bozan Particle


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Sheldon is working on Supersymmetric String Theory (which isn't really a theory, but onward). The particle found at CERN at the 99% confidence level fits the properties of the Standard Model (which is a theory, go figure)Higgs Boson. It is possible, at lower levels of confidence, that the current particle may be a state or resonance of a Supersymmetric Higgs, but the properties, as currently found, put it into the area of confirmation of old physics. This thing was predicted in the 1960s, it's just that it's taken until now to have the equipment powerful enough to cause events that create it.

Sheldon is more in the category of the person who would have predicted the particle, not discovered it. In the case of the Nobel Prize, the person who predicted it and the person who discovered it would get the prize. In the case of a team, the lead researcher, who put the team together would get it. There could be ( and probably would be) other divisions of the prize.

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Thanks Tensor.


Does anyone know if it's true that David Saltzberg, the shows science consultant has not been on the show this season? Apparently he's at CERN. He hasn't make an entry on this blog about working on the show since 5.03.

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