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Watch Simon Helberg Play Charades!


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Hey guys check this out,


I stumbled upon this charades app while looking for something I could play with my little sister, and all of a sudden I noticed the one and only Howard Wolowitz in the game! You can 'unlock' and guess his pre-acted charades (along with many other celebs). I catch myself laughing out loud more often than not. The game is called Charades For Good, it's a simple little game to kill some time, and its free too!


I found the video on the game company's website, so without further adieu I present to you Simon Helberg!


Simon playing charades:



check out the game if you want to see more of him! Enjoy! :D




found links to the app, give it a try for yourself:








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Haha, he was cute as the cat. He'd be fun to play it with, nice fluid movements and good ideas, although he did have the advantage of preparation and practice and not being drunk, which you don't usually get in the reluctant family ritual of Christmas evening Charades...  :icon_lol:

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 As is your signature Lissie, Jim on The David Letterman Show, he had just finished talking about Ellen Barkin in The Normal Heart if I remember correctly, ah shy Jim.

Yes, my signature and your avatar are some of the best Jim´s gif. The shy/lovely way he uses to bite his lip and his expression....take my breath out! :)

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