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Hi - recently found and joined TBBT Fansite, as my interest in TBBT and the characters and actors grows.  I guess I really only started getting into the show within past 6 months (I don't know how I was unaware of it before).  After getting all confused watching the syndicated reruns out of order, with the help of some Forum-ites and their advice I am now watching the DVD sets, starting with Season 1 to see the show chronologically.  Library seems to have all through Season 5.  I may try to watch Season 6 on TBS using the Wiki info of the episode guide and watch each episode in order as I find them on TBS.  


Favorite scenes, I think, so far:  6-2 Decoupling Fluctuation when Sheldon visits Penny's bedroom.  The homeostasis discussion was great, as, of course, was Sheldon's "Please don't hurt my friend" line - after seeing it several times it still chokes me up.


Other favorite scene: 6-5 Holographic Excitation when Penny visits Leonard's lab.  Leonard's discussion on the string theory and the holographic theory was really terrific in the context of a sitcom TV show.  I don't think it gets much better than that.  Nice counterpoint to the normal comedy stuff.


Before finding this site I had no idea how many people really have gotten so deeply into the show.  

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