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6.23 The Love Spell Potential (May 9)


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By contrast to the previous two episodes, this one was wholly disappointing. There was nothing remotely funny about it, the storyline was fairly unoriginal, as were the jokes. For example, the 'no one has ever played D&D with girls' "joke" was yet another of the numerous lines which make fun of nerd culture rather than celebrate it, and it's becoming increasingly tedious. It's as if the show laughs at nerds rather than supports them, at times. It seems to be all the writers can come up with in certain episodes, at the moment.

As for the ending, I was pleased with Sheldon's non-responsiveness to Amy until he said 'I won't rule it out'. It's a step in the wrong direction. I was hoping for a break-up after which they'd become friends again like in Season 4, but, as predicted, no.

The high point of the episode was Simon Helberg's Al Pacino impression, which was exquisite. The fact that he took over as Dungeon Master was especially symbolic, and emblematic of Season 5 & Season 6. What I mean by that is that the character of Howard has been carrying the comedic parts of the show for a long time now, having taken over from Leonard, in the same way he took the Dungeon Master role from Leonard. Sheldon, too, has lost his uniqueness in most episodes of the show - where's the Sheldon who never laughed but for those golden moments with the great laugh? Now he's laughing at every single thing, no matter how funny.

If anyone reads this and thinks 'what a moaner', keep in mind that I have praised a significant number of the Season 6 episodes.

I think the comment from penny was her perception on it because she's not into nerdy things and does not think like the boys

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I absolutely adored this episode T________T Simon did such a good job doing impressions of famous celebrities during D&D it's just mind blowing. Jim Parsons is wonderful as always and gosh my crush on him is never going awayy ;_;

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OH and another thing is I do hope Sheldon and Amy breaks up. I just can't stomach the fact that the Sheldon I love, awsomely rigid, might experience intimacy with anyone :/ like seriously, the show would lose such an important factor: Sheldon being asexual.

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this thought just came to me. At the start of the episode, the girls were taking a cab to the airport to fly to Las Vegas. Why didn't they just drive there? According to Google Maps, it's only about a 4-5 hour drive from Pasadena to Las Vegas (the most direct route being Interstate 15 north). By the time they went through the hassle of checking in, going through security, boarding, flying, deplaning, getting their luggage, and taking a cab to their hotel, they could've already been sitting at the bar, sipping drinks and being hit on by all sorts of sleazy guys. :)


Okay, yes, I know the real reason why they didn't: having their trip ruined by Amy elbowing a TSA agent in the face is more comedic. But if we look at it from a practical point of view, driving there and back is much more feasible, even if they're only staying for the weekend (heck, it only takes about four hours to drive from Detroit to northern lower Michigan; my girlfriend and I have weekended up north several times), and if they didn't trust Penny's "rolling death trap," they could have taken Amy's or Bernadette's cars, which I'm presuming are more reliable due to them keeping up on regular maintenance. (And trust me, there's plenty of ways to drive around Vegas without setting one wheel on the crowded Strip.)


Just a random thought that ran through my head. :)

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