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    Hi there, my names Becca Gardner, but my user name's Becca Cooper-Hofstadter, i'm new to the forum, and im just so excited that i've joined this fansite. im a huge big bang theory fan, and im the biggest out of my whole family. my stepbrother watches it, and i know more about it than he does and ive been watching the show on E4 (uk tv channel) for 2 years.


i scored 80% on the uk website channel 4 big bang theory fan quiz and 8615 points on my big bang theory app on sudden death, beating a user called "stuart" by a whole 4 questions. :)


i dont own much merch, but i have one poster, which im not allowed to put on my wall, due to our landlords rules. :( no matter how hard i try, he allways says no.


im useless at introductions, so if you want to know anyhting about me, reply with a question and i will respond.




Becca Cooper-Hofstadter


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