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Red Dwarf XII

This week saw Lister jamming with a cured Hitler


I also know what happens next week thanks to a website that's in cahoots with the producers who stream these a week early online first, but just in case anyone who may be interested in Red Dwarf doesn't have an IP address that has access to this service, I don't want to ruin it but... Between you and me, it's got something to do with MILFs.

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15 hours ago, Jonny said:

30 years old today and still one of my favorite comedies :)

That might explain why it was on TV tonight.

It was recent episodes, I saw part of the one where the vending machines went on strike for equal rights and then there was a mud slinging election for the votes of the machines between Kryten and Rimmer.

I remember when I went to America, think it was 2004 (not 2001) I was watching a Red Dwarf DVD my brother had.

Series 1.

Saw that one night.

That night I might as well have been in the UK, the snacks I was snacking on was American though.

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