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Fan Art Thread.

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You´re welcome siverangel. I really like your drawing of Jim!

I´ve created some new Wallpapers (I´ve got some crazy ideas *LOL*)

I don`t ship them but what the hell their friendship is classic and funny!







Love the girls!





and the great guys of the show deserved one Wallpaper:





I´ll make more today so this was Part 1.

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I would like to show you Jim's portrait, which I made with dry pastels, I hope that it is resembles to the original :) please be gentle :blush:  :shy:



Silverangel, Congratulations, you get the first ever WC S.O.A.P. in an FAn aRT Thread !!

 It's VERY, VERY well done !!

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Hehe I love your art wannamaker its really funny *LOL*


And your drawing wow silverangel I love it!


And two new Shamy WP´s created by me:







Oh  BlackWhiteRose I love your WP's so lovely and really great job, Bravo. Thank you for your warm words... I'm glad that you like it.

Edited by silverangel
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Product of wine and idleness. Materials: Sticky tape and TV Guide. Result: Irate fellow inhabitants of house, when TV Guide found full of holes. I believe colloquially known as a "Win Win" situation.


Great stuff! Sheldon and Poirot, what a combo.  :icon_lol:

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WOW that's so meaningful!

Sarcasm? Irregardless (and with apologies for the portmanteau word) I shall alter my avatar, as this picture's far more ridiculous than Keaton with a kitten on his head, time-tested though that may be. Incidentally, is that a bastardised picture of Prince George you have as yours? I deeply approve!

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Another expressive addition to this thread :my:


Done by a good painter I know from the internet




A Sheldon Cooper version of Edvard Munch's The Scream


The Scream is one of the world’s most iconic artworks. It inspired tributes from other artists, including Andy Warhol. And it gave rise to the Scream series of horror films in which the murderer wears a mask depicting the screaming face. :o

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Just the one. I would upload it, but my scanner is crap...

Pity for your scan not working well :huh:

Do you by chance use any basic digital camera?

I use digital camera to take photos of my work and then connect it to the pc. That's is what I often do.

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