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Fan Art Thread.


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50 minutes ago, becauseimsunny said:

This is so awesome! I would really love to know how you do the shading!

Thanks for the compliment. :shy:

The shading is simply done by using very soft pencils and adjusting the amount of pressure I apply to them. I generally use soft pencils with grades from 2B to 8B.

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Hey artists of the fanart thread! I just want to inform you about the awards nominations:

We will prepare a google forms with the poll for the votes after the nominations. To do that, we need to use your artworks there. In this way, people will be able to vote us directly on the form. A lot of people don't check the fanart thread. If we only put a description of our artworks, it will not be clear to vote. It's art, they have to see it, right? :D

Of course we need your permission to do that. I give my permission to the awards organizers to use my images published here if they are nominated. @boys3allc

I hope you will give us your permission to include the images on the poll. I'm assuming there's no problem with that, but we prefer to be sure.

I will mention artists active on the fanart thread and eligible for the awards:





Thanks in advance!!




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7 hours ago, becauseimsunny said:

"I could stay really late and we can have our first sleepover

The following scene is G-rated with a warning for families with babies and toddlers. :D

Shamy fort.jpg




"On once occasion, she licked her thumb to remove raspberry jelly from the corner of my mouth."

Shamy Raspberry.jpg

"You wore it the night we went ice skating, remember?"

Shamy skating.jpg

It's amazing!! I love it!

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