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Fan Art Thread.

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Okay, I clearly need to stop and read things clearly.   I had to post this because I figured you would all get a chuckle from this.  When I first saw the name of this thread I was glancing only and though the thread name was "Fat Fan Thread".   and was like "WHAT?"   Then read it again and realized what it said and still can't stop laughing at myself.   :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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If this doesn't count as fan art, I don't really know what it does count as.

I had to make my own candy and packaging for an ad design class...and naturally I had TBBT on my mind.

SO I present: The BAZINGA chocolate bar! It took a long time to get all the measurements and things correct... lots of design work. Even slapped it on a real chocolate bar, took photos, and made this little mock up below.

I know there isn't much BBT going on besides a science-y theme and the name being "bazinga"... but nevertheless thought you'd all still appreciate it!


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We have plenty of creative TBBT fans out there, this is a place to share your fan art or whatever you have to deliver! 


One of my favourite ships. Bubblegum and Sheldon. 

Bubblegum princess(Adventure time) + Sheldon(Big bang theory) 


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Wow that's amazing. You're so great at drawing!! :swoon:



OMG... at first glance I thought this was a black and white photograph........ Kudos to u ..lol. super Talented ....


Thank you guys! I really appreciate it! :)

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Here's a drawing I did of Shamy. I already posted it to tumblr but was told I should post it here! :p


Thank you Maddie!!! I don't have a tumblr account so thank you for posting it here too!!! It's wonderful you are very talented!!!!

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