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The "I want to see Sheldon..." Game


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Hey guys, I just saw this game on IMDb boards and I though it would be cool to bring it to the forum o/

Basically you have to list the things you'd like to see Sheldon doing on the show. I'll start with some of the best ideas from the original thread:

1. Shop for clothes

2. Forced to order coffee at Starbucks

3. Be forced somehow by circumstances to get in water and swim.

4. To attend jury service.

Please be kind enough to keep couting so we can see how far we can go before we run out of ideas o/

Here's the original thread.

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This is sort of out a place but it involves Sheldon, it just more a Penny and the gang thing

but it could be funny

We've seen Sheldon return home to Texas and the guys have to go get he

I think Penny should return to Nebraska and the guys (all 4 or maybe just the main 2) go convince her to come back

And how they guys would react to Penny going back to school

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I want to see Sheldon:

1) at Comic-Con.

2) teach an elementary school class.

3) take up painting/pottery/something creative and attempt to calculate an optimized formula based on aesthetics.

4) attempt to read Twilight.

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