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Worst case scenario was correct then. Let's see what actually happens. I did think that new tag was a bit too good to be true.


Well, I posted in the Shamy Spoiler thread that it could be that he balks at the idea that she had changed him and so he does one of his "I might have to let her go" things--in this case, he thinks he needs to break up with her (maybe that kiss really did mess with his head!), but in the end it doesn't happen.


That sounds kind of like what she said--maybe he even just talks about it, or imagines doing it, but in the end doesn't really want to go there.  IDK

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Did you guys ever think about the possibility of tptb making Sheldon break up with her in this season finale? 


Oh, lots of people go that route every now and then--Sheldon needs to break up with Amy, or Amy needs to break up with Sheldon, etc.  But in the end, I don't think that's what the writers are going for.

Okay just to be clear what will happen in 7.16 ??

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You mean, what do we know so far?


Howard considers a return to space, but apparently Mike R and Mike M basically talk him out of it, I guess.  Penny urges Leonard to buy a dining table for his apartment and he squabbles with Sheldon over the idea.  At some point Sheldon points out that Penny has changed Leonard (presumably, Sheldon liked him the way he was before?) and then someone points out that Amy has changed Sheldon, at which point he apparently begins to think he might want to break up with her?  But apparently that doesn't happen.


That's my conjecture from what 123sprinkles has told us so far.

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Oh that's great! I think Amy will never break up with him (unless he does something really bad), she's too invested in this relationship. But I keep getting this weird vibe that one day Sheldon will wake up and go: Oh, she's in the way of my Nobel Prize. and then the "I have to let her go" joke will become reality lol


So the last piece of information  just had me freaking out a bit.

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I think that this is probably the closest we'll get to an actual break up. Sheldon once took up bongos and let go of his spot and put on his Tuesday pajamas (not on a Tuesday!!!!) because his hair cut schedule got derailed. I think that if Sheldon is angry over the way Penny has changed Leonard, then Leonard casts it up to him that he, himself, has been changed by Amy and Sheldon can't refute it, then he might suddenly panic. He hates the way Penny changed Leonard, and all this table nonsense, and what if Amy changes him that way? Change is bad, so off he marches to break up with Amy.

But if the moment he looks in her eyes he can't do it, and the world just shifts under his feet like that, I find it incredibly romantic. He was going to break up with her, and stop any change from happening to him, and he takes one look at her and all the fight goes right out of him. She trumps his fear of change; he chooses her over Homeostatis.

That's just....something that makes Lio, maybe, a little teary. Excuse me, I have to go lock myself in the bathroom in private for a minute....

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