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S7 Spoilers


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Based on what I read, that isn't real clear.   I hope that they make it far more clear and it is obvious that Sheldon himself realizes how impetuous he was being and how he really doesn't want to break up with her.  Otherwise it will be frustrating.


I do think that this is all leading to an ILY from Sheldon to Amy at the end of this season.  They have to create a little "drama" since the kiss so this is one of those steps of drama.   At this point though, I put nothing past Molaro.   He can be schizophrenic so many times.  :girlwink:

You are probably right, but the writers seem to be using too much character and relationship conflict to try a generate laughs this season and that tells me they are burnt out, because that seems to be lazy writing.

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Oh, come on, you can't be serious, can you? I mean, if they really broke up, the person who went to the taping wouldn't have taken that long to tell about it, she would have told it immediately!


So, no, Shamy still exists.


What bothers me is that I don't really understand the scene. It really looks like Amy is manipulating Sheldon so that he doesn't break up with her, and even if I'm happy with them still being a couple, I totally hate the manipulation thing! I think I need more détails, or even to see the epidode to get my own opinion.

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I'm new here,although I've been a lurker for over a year.

First off,English is not my native language,cause I'm a Asian. If I've been using any word wrong,feel free to point it out.

Secondly,regarding the whole"drama" about Sheldon kinda breaking up with Amy,

my 2 cent is the writers were using it to ultimately help the Shamy  getting rid of the restriction of the RA.

Any thoughts? 

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I  read the report.  I think they are fine.  I don't read it as manipulation more like banter.  


I also do not think the SIK was placed in the middle of the season just to break them up a few short episodes later.  It was placed where it was so it fell during the 150th episode.


TPTB have indicated in the past that Shamy is endgame.  All will be fine.  There would be no story without a little drama.

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Reading the report, I don't understand if Amy did or didn't sign the relationship termination or not.

I am confused as well. I got the sense that Penny and Leonard knew that Sheldon went there to break up with Amy and that's why Penny called.. Leonard made a comment  about them not breaking up. I'm guessing she never signed the relationship termination.

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Penny shows up at S/L door, one night soaking wet, her apartment pipes broke.

Penny can't live in apartment while they work to fix and remodel it, so lives with S/L.

Much comedy and laughs for a couple months and L/P slowly take over control from Sheldon by working together.

Power soon corrupts, so L/P starts controlling Sheldon and Amy has to help him plus set L/P straight.

Penny's apartment fixed and remodeled with more room for now two people.

Leonard spends couple nights there making Sheldon lonely so spends nights back in his room.

Penny has gotten use to Leonard always around, so now she can't sleep without him.

Penny asks Leonard to move in, lonely Sheldon asks Amy to be new roommate.

Everybody happy.

The Shenny would freak out and bombard the writers with threats to use their vast numbers to boycott the show. LOL

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How could he not want to move in with Amy? I mean clearly he is into her ass and she is a natural born mother! Her education proves that she'd be great at any relationship. I just want to throw all the corn flakes in the air!

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Thanks Tensor.





And what I say to the negative comments here:


What is happening?


The writers are working their butts off and some people don`t seem to appreciate this anymore or something. I don`t get it: Someone just wrote the first part of a taping report and some pepole are going crazy just because Sheldon is struggeling a little. He´s a human beeing he can struggle.

I got over it when Penny and Leonard were seperated and I didn`t stop watching the show or calling the writers stupid names or something.

So its really stupid to post such childish pictures of Molaro who is a really good writer and he doesn`t deserve this what some people post here.

And now part 2 of the taping report  is online and nothing bad happend. So why all the worry.


Oh and if some negative posts were meant sarcasticly then it wasn`t funny or polite. Shame on you.

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Just read the second part (thanks for posting it Tensor) and I really think that it has to be seen to be understood.  Mucho thanks to Sprinkles but it reads a bit confusing.


I think we need to turn the tables back upright, take a deep breath and wait for the actual airing of the episode...

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