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S7 Spoilers


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Thank you so very much for this little foretaste, Oh Beloved Pirate Queen !


There's going to be a showdown.



PS Tensor, go to bed !

What? It's just now 2 AM. I'll be getting off of the computer, but I have to run my lines for a bit.

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That's already a lost cause. Night Chiara

Please. You're sexy and you know it ! (Night Tensor)



So Sheldon is jealous of Leonard showing a preference for Penny. That is an interesting turn of events but in keeping with Sheldon's personality in that he hates not being #1. Jealousy is a potent weapon. Perhaps a bit of it could help things move along with Amy. Not necessarily in the immediate future but it is good to keep in mind. 

After all, Alex worked wonders for Leonard and Penny. 

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She walks in, and is looking to her left, and shuts the door. LEONARD IS BEHIND THE DOOR. She freaks out, drops her bag of groceries all over the floor, and is ecstatic to see him! They embrace and she asks why he's home so early.

He whispers, "Well, the experiment ended early and I thought I would come back and spend time with you here alone for a few days."

Penny says it's really romantic and asks why they're whispering, and Leonard whispers again, "Yeah. Um... that's why I did it. But don't tell Sheldon! Nobody else knows." so she says fine. As this conversation is ending, you hear Sheldon yell, from across the hall and through the door, that three of his eggs seem to be weak, and that Penny needs to grab her keys because they have to go back to the store.




weufghjk i loved the entire thing but this part! thank you for posting! asdfjlk i'm so excited for this episode. especially this part. i have extreme lenny feels. 

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