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OK, Heres what happened,   Originally, I wasn't planning on going on the tour.. But since Its a weekend, theres no filming and we are dying to know about this set, I thought I would give it a try.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Nog ♥♥♥ Yesterday, was a great day, starting off with the great people Nog and I befriended while waiting in line. Haha. I was very glad they did the tag scene fo

Hey guys, I went to the taping today!!! It was so surreal to see the actors live on stage.... Anyways I intended to do a proper detailed taping report but I lost my pen in the beginning of the taping

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I think they're both involved in coming up with stories, it's just that this particular one must have come from Chuck and the others.  I'm sure we'll still see more stories or teleplays by Bill as the season continues.


Bill was involved in 6 episodes last season, 5 with the Story:

Re-Entry Minimization

Extract Obliteration

Fish Guts Displacement

Tangible AFfection Proof

Closure Alternative


And one with the Teleplay:

Egg Salad Equivalency


Chuck was involved in every episode, with either a Story or Teleplay credit for every episode.


Oh, OK thank you very much for the information   :)

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why would i make something up about a pizza delivery guy??? :icon_lol:  :icon_wink:


Who knows, you could have some sort of obsession towards pizza delivery guys... O_o 

: P


Anyway, thanks for that.

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If Penny was upset with Leonard from the Phone call in 7x01, it doesn't look like it lasted very long. Also interesting to note that Leonard is back in 7x02.

Also Sheldon, " my uncle wore that cologne." LOL

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from what i see, penny is hogging leonard away from sheldon

Yeah, that bond, that was spoke of between Penny and Sheldon looks like it was more like kindergarten paste rather than superglue.

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