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I'm debating whether to go to a concert tonight or just stay home and veg out.  I haven't had a quiet evening since all of last week, so I'm ready to rest--BUT then I'll just sit there and stew waiting for the taping report which won't come until the wee hours or later tomorrow.


What to do, what to do...

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Remember boys and girls: NO MELT DOWNS after the report is posted. I think I'll just lead the report with that. LOL.


Do you think it will be tomorrow before you can post, Monique?  I know you have some distance to travel afterward--don't want you staying up all night or anything. :)


Not really...

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guys.... that NOOOOOOOOOOOO




I love this promo--though I do think they're messing with the order of the scenes--I think the phone call with Penny and Sheldon is the one where he's partying with the other scientists, but the "NOOOO!" scream comes after the Kraken thing, since that's from Sheldon's dream, but I think he calls Leonard by himself when he dreams about the Kraken.

Or I could be completely mistaken--I should go back and read the taping report for that one...

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Lucy is coming back and meeting Penny.... ?



I wonder if she's going to run into Penny somewhere--and maybe Penny will either befriend her or chew her out for breaking poor Raj's heart--or maybe she'll encourage her now that Raj can speak to women without alcohol.  Could be complicated...


I wonder if Penny will know who she is when they first meet--did Penny ever meet Lucy?  Maybe she saw a picture or something, though...



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