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In Memoriam: Mike (walnutcowboy) has passed away

S7 Spoilers


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guys..  no report yet?


This made me laugh. It describes us:


how fangirls communicate
  • Fan 2: I know. I know.


Hahahaha gold

Me and my friend were so like this hours ago at work, when the scoops started to came up

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On a lighter note, there's an extended promo out!


Thank you womenneverreallyfaint on Tumblr for posting the link!

Well I see how that could ruin Raiders, I guess I'll never look at it the same way.

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I remember David Duchovny talking about how he dropped in on a chat room or something (I think someone else had invited him to join in on the chat) and no one believed it was him. :p


And if you think about it, there's no question someone like David or Jim could answer that any fan couldn't answer.  If there was something only he would know, then none of us would know if he was telling the truth in answering it, LOL!


Unless it was some kind of publicized chat--like the one he did with those Gold Derby people--there'd be no way anyone would really believe it was him.

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