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Yes it was just a skit and just for entertainment at People's Choice Awards.   It is kind of like the skit they did with 2 Broke Girls last year that had Mayim and Melissa in the scenes.   Just for the PCAs only.


I still think the best one was where the gang was getting ready to watch TPC awards in 4A and Penny gets a call to be a seat filler.  

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A couple of comments from Nina Tassler, CBS Chairman about TBBT during The Television Critics Association winter tour 2015 presentation today. (TCA15)


#CBS chair Nina Tassler on #TheBigBangTheory: I hope it sees season 100. #BBT @BigBang_CBS #TCA15


#CBS chair Nina Tassler on #TheBigBangTheory time changes: You can move that show to the moon and the audience will follow. #BBT #TCA15


Debra Birnbaum is the Executive Editor, TV for Variety

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I can't see it going longer than 10 seasons.  Kaley and Jim are doing movies, Kaley loves competing with her horses, Jim loves doing Broadway and TPTB would have to put out a whole lot more money.

It's been reported that the recent contracts include an option for an 11th year. So if TPTB decide to exercise that option, they actors would be locked into doing it.

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From #TCA15


At @warnerbrostv for an evening with @BigBang_CBS @MomCBS @mikeandmolly @TwoAndAHalfMen #tca15



Deanna Barnert ‏@TVDeeva  6m

Let the #Mom, #BigBang, #TwoAndAHalfMen and #MikeAndMolly massive panel, set visits & cocktails commence #TCA15



Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport  53s

The stars and EPs of Chuck Lorre's #WBTV shows. #TCA15



Bathing in the glow of Chuck Lorre and his galaxy of stars. #wbtv #tca15


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"A common thing among all these shows is a rhythm. They have a beat," says #TheBigBangTheory's Jim Parsons. #TCA15


Michael Schneider ‏@franklinavenue  3m

Because he was a musician before a writer, Chuck Lorre's shows have rhythm like a good pop record, says Jim Parsons. #TCA15


Jason Lynch ‏@jasonlynch  3m

“it’s like a good pop song. It’s enjoyable to dance to again” Jim Parsons on watch Lorre’s shows over & over in syndication #TCA15 #WBTV


"You know if Chuck is laughing, which is a wonderful feeling," says #TheBigBangTheory's @simonhelberg #TCA15


Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport  2m

Simon Helberg loves the sound of Chuck Lorre's laugh. Means others will laugh too. Bill Prady says Chuck likes all his shows. #WBTV #TCA15

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Kaley Cuoco: Chuck has gotten to know all of us so well over the years. Writes pieces of us now. #WBTV #TCA15


Lori Rackl ‏@lorirackl  1m

Johnny Galecki notes that only he and Jim Parsons were kept on the cast after the first BIG BANG THEORY pilot. #TCA15 #WBTV


Closer partial shot of #WBTV #TCA15 #ChuckLorreProductions panel




More of the #wbtv #TCA15 Chuck Lorre Productions panel.




Do the actors ever veer from the scripts? 14 heads immediately say "no" #TCA15

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