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Cast, Crew, And Bbt News


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Johnny will be presenting at The Critics Choice Television Awards. Johnny is nominated for Best Actor Comedy.


Bill's new show, The Muppets, will be honored as one of the Most Exciting New Series.


From Deadline Hollywood:  http://deadline.com/2015/05/critics-choice-tv-awards-top-new-series-most-exciting-1201432877/


The 5th annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards will air live on A&E from the Beverly Hilton Hotel on May 31. Cat Deeley is hosting.

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The scholarship idea was excellent!!!! Very proud. I think more things like this should happen.  :icon_cheesygrin:



[because of a scholarship... I was able to go to college.  My dad didn't make enough money to send me and my part- time job then wasn't enough to pay for it so a scholarship was my only shot.] 

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Don't forget to follow Star Watch Byline this afternoon/evening as we cover live the Critic's Choice Awards!  The Link (not yet available and won't be until several minutes into the red carpet festivities) will be: www.starwatchbyline.com/p?=15808.   

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So, I know that Mayim and Laurie did not win, but I missed pretty much everything else...



Phanta, I honestly am disgusted with the industry and their choices for award winners.   It really is political and not at all based on true talent.  That has become more and more evident with each award event.   Tonight was a fiasco of a production (the show itself was so poorly done with some awards being awarded on the red carpet, others out by the poolside without showing the other nominees, rushed inside, etc.).   It was obvious they knew winners before the show started because they had gathered winners hither and yon before they were announced.   So why fake that they pretend they never knew?  UGH!


Yes, if you are on a mainstream broadcast network show, you may as well forget about winning unless you are a veteran that has won so many other awards already that they can't overlook you.   So BBT is looking less and less likely to get more than nominations in the future.  Jim might be the only still true contender and it is really disappointing.  Seems they refuse to acknowledge a show that might be able to be watched by most ages and considered more "family" oriented.  Unless it has some edgy topic, perversity, foul language aplenty, extreme violence/shock, or some fringe story, you won't get nominated.   So much for the mainstream.

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I disagree somewhat Star.... A LOT of "mainstream" shows won including Janey from Mom, the guy from Better Call Saul, the girl from Empire, The Americans, Walking Dead, are all on network or traditional cable

In fact OITNB only won 1 award...supporting actress in a drama which that category they should win.

I agree I don't think Mayim stands a change winning with Janey in the category now. It sucks but Janey is borderline a lead.

Now I gather your wholesome comments are directed at Schumer winning. The show is great and is more of a variety style but again its on network cable, not premium.

Now Jeffery Tambur get used to seeing. I bet he will win the Emmy ending Jim's streak BUT its well deserved. He is amazing!!

I would rather see the show as a whole win but season 8 I don't think will cut it. But I don't think Modern will either and I was stunned to see Silcon Valley win but understand it.

I actually found the CCA more evenly spread out among networks and genres than other years (but I dont hold this award show on too high of a pedstal)...

Best moment was Seth getting his genius award and his Thank You/FU speech. Perfection.

And nobody was given awards by the pool, that is where the post winning interviews occurred (very casual personally).

I did not feel they knew everything beforehand. But it was a live show and clearly showed that. Plus it was on A&E so take that for what it is

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Thanks Rachel.  Sadly, I don't think they will even truly compete in that category.  My guess is they will come in last place out of those nominees given the love that Hollywood has for Transparent, Jane the Virgin, Amy Schumer and that Kimmy Schmidt show.   So yeah...I think BBT likely won't see a win at TCA's and I sadly I think many nominations are less likely for Emmy's as well.  I would give anything for it to prove me wrong.

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Working on getting a higher quality version of this when it becomes available (it isn't in the same version as the print version of the magazine), but anyway wanted you to know this is coming soon.  Watch SWB for more and I will post a link here when it is available.  The original source of this is @nerdforestgirl on Tumblr!


Update:  This is not inside any magazine...but part of a sleeve (the part you rip open to get to your magazine) of a magazine so this may be the best quality we get.   :icon_rolleyes:






Update:  Aha!   Success!   Check out the campaign that WB/Lorre Productions put out for 2015 Emmy's.

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