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Cast, Crew, And Bbt News


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From Yahoo: https://www.yahoo.com/tv/highest-income-rated-shows-173517750.html

'The Big Bang Theory' Tops List of Top 20 Shows in High-Income Households

You’ve probably often wondered how the other half lives, but have you thought about what they watch? ABC recently released a list of the Top 20 primetime network drama and comedy series in households earning $100,000 and above, and the results make for interesting reading. ABC itself is well-represented, with 10 of its series — including Modern Family,Scandal,and The Muppets — finding room in the Top 20. But CBS claims the top spot, with its long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory being the top choice amongst the well-off demo. And this audience doesn’t seem as high on 2015′s breakthrough blockbuster, Empire, which places twelfth here even as it dominates the overall ratings landscape. (Last week, for example, it was the highest-rated network series and finished second only to Sunday Night Football.) Read the full list below: 

1) The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
2) Modern Family (ABC)
3) Blindspot (NBC)
4) Scandal (ABC)
5) Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

(More in the link)       

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Pictures from the UCLA TBBT Scholars visit to the set...

This just happened... #bigbangtheory #stage25





More pictures...

gtt85Today was the most amazing day. The inaugural The Big Bang Scholarship recipients were invited to#warnerbrosstudios to meet the cast and crew on set. Thrilled to be part of getting this #scholarship established. #bruinproud#ucla #bigbangtheory #work#ipadsforeveryone #stage25 #tv#television


gtt85So great to finally meet them in person and thank them for their generosity.#bigbangtheory #jimparsons@jimparsonsofficial #kaleycuoco@kaleycuocoofficial #blossom!@missmayim #chucklorre #television #tv#hollywood #clipboard


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it is interesting in that top picture, do the photographers pair them up like that specifically or do the actors naturally pair themselves up because they are just used to that from the show?

I think it was more of where they were before the photo.  I suspect Jim and Mayim were with Chuck and Molaro talking to students and so they just lined up like that.   But I do think they naturally gravitate to who they spend the most time with on the set much of the time.   Hard to say in this case if the photographer was specific, but I doubt he was specific to the "coupling" that you see in the photo.  More likely just wanted to make sure that some were sitting on the ground, couch and standing.   Given other photos, it appears like Jim and Mayim were kind of hanging out together when talking to students so that is why I doubt it was "staged" by the photographer....more just a photo born out of where they were right before and moving them over to that part of the room if they were not already near there.

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In this picture in the lower left hand corner (in the black suit, kneeling) is Peter Roth, President of Warner Brothers Television Group.  Behind him (in the gray suit with the purple shirt) is Glen Geller, President of CBS Entertainment.  He replaced Nina Tassler, who recently stepped down.  Nice to see Dr. Saltzberg in the upper right hand corner.


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