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The Shamy - Season 7 Spoilers Only Discussion Thread


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Just for comparison..


The Drunk kiss in 4x21 is 2 Mississippi's long 2! 2!!!! 

Than this kiss HAS to have lip action…maybe deepened. OMG I think I'm more excited to see Jim kissing, than for Shamy kissing…[don't throw anything at me!!!]

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Jiab... buy your own pocket watch! They are awesome! I agree, with Sheldon, Howard's a bit sad for not owning a pocket watch.


I have a personal bias. I sometimes costume at conventions in  Steampunk, attire and if you don't have a pocket watch... people will react like Sheldon did. They also give you that look if your Steampunk character doesn't have 3 names and a title.


Yours truly, the Arch Duchess Kitty von Gregorie-Hiddleston (lady anthropologist and werewolf slayer)


Pisq... my heart is also too full of rainbows...

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