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The Shamy - Season 7 Spoilers Only Discussion Thread


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Aw man...Once Upon a Time and The Vampire Diaries are winning over Sheldon and Amy! 

(and it's going to look like you answered yourself, stardustmelody).  ;)


the joys of the younger tech generation!!!  Those shows are so young skewing (especially Vampire Diaries)....I just voted AGAIN!!!

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Ahh...I see you can vote more than once now, thanks for pointing that out, kerrycec03!  If you refresh, you can vote again and again.  :)


These guys are slightly smarter: they have captchas. They really really should have used a ready-made captcha solution, though, because someone that had the time to write down 190 small words could have thousands of votes in a few minutes.

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Oh they hate Leonard too but not as much.

I think that they hate Leonard more... at least most of them. After all, his and Penny's relationship has been a center of the show since the day one. Sheldon and Amy didn't even start dating until season five.

There is nothing wrong with not liking a character, but I see no reason to bash a fictional character, or hate it with such a passion that some people do. (Although I have to admit that I did hate Priya... but grew to like her and now I am ashamed of some things that I wrote about her before.) And really, writing a Shenny fanfiction where Amy turns out to be a serial killer targeting women resembling Penny and using one of her trained monkeys as a murder weapon, also being in possession of teen porn (I so wish that I am joking)...

Just felt a need to comment, I am not going to post any of the comments of this kind on this thread anymore, I don't want to get off topic.

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How weird am I?  (Had to ask, didn't you?)  My favorite Shamy moment came in S7.2, when they're both crouched in front of Penny's apartment.  Here, for the first time in ages, we see them as an adorable couple in pursuit of a common goal, e.g., rescuing Penny from their mutual suspicion.  We also see that they can bicker playfully, without the mean-spirited rancor that's become all-too-common.


From memory:


Amy:        Do you hear anything?

Sheldon:  I hear a woman's voice.

Amy:        Is it Penny?

Sheldon:  No, it's you.




Sheldon:  Now I think I hear kissing

Amy:        Like you know what kissing sounds like.

Sheldon:  There's kissing in Star Trek, smarty pants!


Funny and adorable!  In fact, their whole scene, until Sheldon opens Penny's door, is one of my favorites and shows what we're missing while the writers drag out the drama of getting them together.

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I'm loving all of your secret scene ideas!  The only problem is that now I'm wishing even harder that it would actually happen (but I'm pretty sure it won't).  :resent: Oh well...I know in my heart that Sheldon loves her.  Come on, season 8!!  Bring us something awesome!!!

it did bring us some awesome , right  :shy:

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