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What Was Your Favorite Scene In Season 6?


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Yeah that scene was one of my favourites, Sheldon totally manipulated Amy lol, that and the Penny and Leonard lab scene and my favourite scene when Penny told Leonard she loves him, up their with one of most memorable moments in TBBT run.

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Probably the whole part including Sheldon's domino orgasm. Other than that, the scene in the car with Leonard when he says 'Would you like to hear a classic Sheldon Cooper factoid' was nice, as it reminded me of the good old days.

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I’m going to be a bit weird here (god forbid!) and say Penny’s acting scene stuck out for me, and also Professor Proton’s admittance that he didn’t want to be Professor Proton anymore.


Not to say I didn’t enjoy the chaps’ Trek inspired photo-shoot, or Sheldon’s hacked GPS, or the wormhole sequence, or Wil Wheaton’s FWF, Kripke’s sycophancy, or, (more dubiously) Sheldon’s nude revenge wiggle, but in terms of something I keep coming back to, in idle thought, I find those two scenes are at the forefront.  


I also find myself thinking of the scene where Santa cannonaded Sheldon. As distressing as I found it at the time, I think as art it has merit. I certainly keep thinking about it. Yet another quasi-iconoclastic moment for Sheldon. Subconsciously anyway.


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So many scenes stuck out for me this season. 


But I think for me, my absolute favourite was Penny telling Leonard "I love you" because it was so true and the way she said it felt right. Oh and when she says "I love you" in the car in the last episode, amazing.


Sheldon's domino orgasm and Bernadette's "it turns you on when I talk like Raj?" were I think my next two top moments! 

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My favorite scenes were when Leonard and Penny were in them haha if I am being honest, their relationship this year other the first few eps when Penny was confused about her feelings for Leonard was so honest. Also loved ht Bernadette and Howard scene in the halloween ep "I don't talk like that". Sheldon domino scene totally manipulating Amy haha, And I actually thought Penny's I love you in the final car scene was more profound she said it with more conviction.

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I had a lot of favourite scenes:


- the boys vs girls game in the episode where Howard came back from space

- the Howard/Bernadette scenes in the same episode (6.4)

- Pennys ILY to Leonard

- Shamy scene at the end of Love Spell Potential

- Shamy scene in the Closure Alternative and the Sheldon scenes in the same episode where he did the same again only alone

- Leonard and Penny watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I`m a fan thats why I loved it!)

- Penny and Bernadette watching Buffy and Bernadette seemed to like the show *yay*

- Howard and Bernadette as smurfs (so funny and cute!)

- the Penny/Leonard lab scenes in the Halloween episode

- Howards impersonations in the Love Spell Potential

- Sheldon holding up the T-Shirt which said : "Sheldon Cooppers council of Ladies"

- Leonard plays the cello for Penny to apologize to her (he´s so cute when he says sorry *awwwwwwwwww*)

- Amy`s "marking her territory"in Sheldons office and Pennys watching *LOL*
- every Sheldon/Mrs Davis scene

- every scene with Raj and his dog

- Sheldon ´s quoting Spiderman (Date Night Variable)

- every scene with Howard in space or when he talked to Bernadette via skype especially the last scene with them in episode 6.3 *LOL* and this line from Howard from the same episode: Howard: No, no, I’m fine. No anxiety. We should probably talk in code. From now on, frog is me, sandwich means you and lemon means rocket. So, come on, sandwich, build me a lemon ’cause froggy wants to come home. " *LOL* that was so funny

- Kripke and Sheldon working together

- all Kripke and Mrs Davis scenes

- Leonards "Romance Ninja!"  (so cute!)

- when Penny talked like Leonard in episode 6.6 *LOL* and even Sheldon laughed to hard I cracked up :icon_lol:

- all the Fun With Flags scenes

- Raj´s finally talking without alcohol in the finale episode of the Season

and many more

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 Going to have to go with a top 5...aw crap, turned into a top 10 !


As you can see, I'm a fan of Howard-Bernadette and Shamy,  Leonard and Penny are cool, but

I just don't find them quite as fun  - and after a while I just feel sorry for Raj.  


Anyway, these are in no particular order.


1. Sheldon's Domino orgasm, that may have been the best sequence for Sheldon Cooper, ever !


2. Amy breaks Penny's nose, that whole exchange between Bernadette and Amy


3. (on a similar note)  Bernadette, on why she should be Cinderella.


4. Howard's D&D voice impressions


5. Raj and Stuart's bossanova moment.


6. Howard imitating Bernadette's voice  at the Halloween party.


7. Sheldon Cooper's  council of ladies !


8.  All the "ummms" when Penny and Sheldon have to try and explain why Leonard/Amy

     can't live with them.


9.  All of  Leonard's  "show off " experiments that woo Penny


10.  Last.......but definitely not least,  the gang giving their versions of the contents of Howard's father's letter.


That was one of the best whole-cast moments of the entire show, and maybe a turning point....well maybe not.


I've always thought the central theme of the show was friendship, so actually, maybe a return to first principles.



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