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List Your Favourite Stories


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It will be interesting to see the variety of stories that people like

Im just going to list my top 25 but I have lots more but these are the ones i have enjoyed and am enjoying

Shamy ones

1) Family Reunion Probabilty Theorom by Misophonia

2) The Engaging Driver - by Inwhatuniverse

3) The Theory of Objectivity - Musickat

4) The Homestatic Adjustman - bazingafan

5) Questions - no73

6) Connubial Catalyst - Xmarisol

7) The Mendacity Revelation - Misophonia

8) The Vegas Interpretation - Sheps

9) The Gamete Indetermacy - Xmarisol

10) Time to work things out - no73

11) The Gravitation Animation - Sheps

12) The Romantic Gesture Hypothesis - Kala

13) The relationship complexities - Misslaurenv

14) The montserrat resurgance - Lisatronic - hoping this one gets updated soon!

15) The sum of possibilities - kcooper

16) The Compatabilty Constant - Rickythemonkey

17) Bear paw - Lionne

18) The Cohabitation Experiment - Nerdforestgirl

19) The Relationship Evolution - Musickat

20) Sightings of the loch ness monster - Tomasina

21) The Paradigm shift - Jesterkoops

22) The Santa Barbara Conduit - Chaliceinnana

23) The Wedding agreement - Chaliceinnana

24) The mind expansion realization - Chaliceinna

25) The Cooper-Fowler approximation - justimagine935


The Sulpher Justaposition, The surrogate paradox, The surrogate aftermath - Webuiltthepyramids

Associate Distress Jeopardy - Princessshania

The departure transformation - Molly

Hello Kitty - Terrible Waitress

The chew toy revelations - Tensor

The double girlfriend dissent - genki-escapist

Ends Beginning - 5missippis

Someone to love you better and Clare Wolowitz five years later - Girl Wednesday

The complete package - Sram

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The Vegas Interpretation - Sheps is by far my favorite. It restored me faith in Shamy fanfics. It's one of the only one I enjoy rereading. :)

Wow... That brought a tear to my eye. That's quite a compliment. I'm very flattered.

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My favorite are...


Questions., Time to work things out and Her favorite man...by no73,   The Vegas Interpretation  and The Gravitation Animation by Sheps, Moving pictres by tx-fictionueen, and of course The Homeostatic Adjustment by BazingaFan, and stardustmelody's  Engaging Driver, and Miso's Family Reunion

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Two favourites for me


Elliptical Threads - SlightlyOffKey


Chew Toy Revelations - Tensor

Thanks ajond. I tend to follow authors more than just stories. If I find an author I like the can pretty much count on enjoying any story from them. That said, here's my favorite stories:

Mainly L/P

1. Anything(so far) by Slightly Off Key

2. Forever Yours, A Tragic Fairytale, and The Departure Transformation, in particular, you others mostly. I.Am.Molly

3. The Wedding Vow Reflections, The Padlock Affirmations, Hello Kitty, The Smart and Beautiful Babies Compilation, and most of your one shots. Terrible Waitress.

4. Shipping Lanes and Ends Beginning. 5Mississippis

5. Most of WeBuiltthePyramids stores, although I would like to mention and The Sulphur Juxtaposition and The Parental Ambition and Rules of Engagement.

6. The Bowling Alley Mistake and The Complete Package. SRAM

7. The Reconnection Hypothesis. Guitars1964

8. The New York Revelations, Biological Urges, and The Sorrowful Sunshine Eventuality, by hokie3457

9 Let Her Go by HaleyMichelle18

Non L/P are

10. Moving Pictures: tx-fictionqueen.

11. Both of Sheps stories

12. Most of Misphonia's stories

13. The Road to Commitment. RachelShamyFan

I should note to the non L/P authors that I am reading the stories. You may only rarely get a review, but I am reading. One of the problems I have is to give a good review when I don't think I'm doing the character justice. I feel I write a rather lousy Shamy, both individually and together. So I don't like to review those parts as if I can't write it myself. After all, if I don't think I can write it, who am I to tell someone how they should write it?

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Oh yeah that list adds some stories to my "to read" list too!!! I 'm not sure but I think that The Specious Sibling Ultimatum by Misslaurenv I think hasn't been mentioned!!! It is exceptional!!!! There are many other stories that I like very muxh but I can't remember them all and if I write a list I'll omit some important ones so I'm just adding one that hasn't been mentioned.

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I'm caught up on my reading, for now.  Here is my current list of favorites (keep in mind that I only read shamy stories):


1.  Moving Pictures by txfictionqueen

2.  The Theory of Objectivity by musickat18

3.  The Family Reunion Probability Theorem by misophonia

4.  The Montserrat Resurgence by Lisatronic3000

5.  The Relationship Complexities by MissLaurenV

6.  The Specious Sibling Ultimatum by MissLaurenV


They are in no particular order and I like each one for different reasons, but the common denominator (for me) is that they all managed to capture my interest right from the start, and continue(d) to hold it. 

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