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How Could They Miss This Obvious Connection

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The other night I watch a Star Trek Voyager and it occured to me. The Big Bank Theory has a gorgeous blond and I think a lot of you will agree the hotest woman on any Star Trek show was Seven of Nine. I wonder how the writers have not put those two together and had Penny dress up as Seven. The reaction from the male characters would be drop dead funny. It might even get Sheldon's motor running for Amy.


What does everyone else think?


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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

Amy already dressed as Nurse Chapel and did get Sheldon's motor running in his own way "don't stop".


Would be nice to see Penny dressed in ST uniform as well, but it has been done (although we didn't see it, Priya was mentioned to have dressed as Uhura too), so maybe they will refrain from doing it again.

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