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Lol seriousley did i not mention Shamy and im suddennly the evil bad wolf haha. Chiany i dont understand why you think its appropriate of you to accuse me of not being partial and looking at the show from a centric pov, because apparrently im so into my ship. When your always doing the same thing, its not an opinion or saying Lenny is the heart of the show means im starting a ship war, your the one who felt the need to take it personally for what ever reason. Its a fact Leonard and Penny have been the heart of Bbt since the pilot, this does not mean they are the focus or the most important part of the show i never said that, your the only wan who choose to interpret it that way. But in S7 through all the intense Shamy moments the heart if that was Romance Resonance Penny being romantic, Leonard buying her a car, Lenny getting engaged etc. They were not as centric as Shamy in S7 vut they had alot of the touching moments of the season. You gotta stop having dig because i shed a light on something in the show that was not Shamy, my intention was never to compare i was just awnsering why Amy has been diminished a bit, its not all about Shamy.


Clearly you haven't read my post completely, I also say that Shamy isn't either.

But if you like to do some selective reading, that's ok.

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