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Molly & T-Dawg Collabs


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So some of you will have seen & read how me and Molly are collaborating on various pieces of work because we're just really freakin' awesome. Anyway thought I'd make a lil thread here to share them :) 


http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9808857/1/The-Lenny-Collaboration - The Aubergine Determination


http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9812409/1/The-Proton-Interruption - The Proton Interruption 


http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9808857/2/The-Lenny-Collaboration - The Graph Distraction


(On mine, they're under one story 'The Lenny Collaboration' so the ones I upload could stay in one place!


Cooooooookies if you manage to work out who wrote what parts. 

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The Coffee Date Extravaganza.


An extravaganza indeed ;)

like how penny did not get her muffin. leonard happy to

get a grant for a project.   it starts with pennys foot and

a grin and the fireworks.want sausages for dinner(the both

of you are evil).wow that was the first half,now leonard will

gets his turn -on the phone with her dad.

that was great enjoyed it a lot.

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The Decorating Determination Bringing you some christmas themed Lenny cuteness!

thanks. it was great

that penny felt sad about the snowman,than jump for joy

when they wanted shopping for the tree and decorations

how funny it was when she told leonard to look at is favorites

that a girl would like for her birthday/christmas present.

had to get the perfect tree-after all it was there first as a couple. :cray:

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