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The Big Bang Theory Quiz

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Simon and Kunal?  Wait, no  Johnny and Kaley       What does Bernadette's dad do/did for a living?

OK Chiany,   TBBT's First assistant Director is Anthony Rich (who's also directed a few episodes). His father, John Rich won his first Emmy for directing an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show. One of

Had to google that one, because I forget how he phrased it:   It means the depression that arises from comparing the world as it is to a hypothetical, idealized world.   What reason does Sheldon gi

Yeah it's Will.


Yours is a tough one.


I know that Mayim, Kaley and Johnny are the only ones of the main cast that were "kid" actors.


So I am taking a guess that it's Mayim and Kaley.


If correct, here is my question:


Which crew member get's thanked by Mayim in her book: Beyond the Sling?

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Alright alright I looked it up it's James Joseph Parsons, at least according to wikipedia. My guess was that his middle name was Lee, but now that I think about it, that's Sheldon's middle name. lol


Okay new question then.


Who did Mayim have her first onscreen kiss with? Hint: It's not Jim parsons. :)

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Yes you were right. :)


A blue jay?


What state does Sheldon "temporarily" attempt to move to in the episode where someone breaks into their apartment?

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