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7.11 "the Cooper Extraction" (December 12)


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I loved the magic beans call.

Loved that Leonard made Penny and Zack pee their pants since she did it to him. And the smile on Leonard face after he said the end make me crack up.



You gota love that Penny gave herself to Leonard as his Christmas present.

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You know, a lot of us called a lot of this show. Magic beans, S/P being Amy's dream, Stuart /Penny being Stuarts, Penny/Zack being Leonard's, etc.

As far as the episode, one of the best this year. I was laughing the whole time.

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Stuart was absolutely hilarious in this one.


Favorite line:  "There's tears in the frosting."


Two criticisms:  I hate when Howard jokes about wanting his mother dead.  (Apparently, even I as the Little Miss Sunshine of the forum have something I don't like.)  Also, the scene in the laundry room was...uncomfortable.


As a Shamy fan, may I just say a giant Awwwwwww!


Was that really Laurie Metcalf's voice?  It didn't sound like it.

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Was that really Laurie Metcalf's voice?  It didn't sound like it.

I agree with you, there, but she was given credit in the press release so it must have been. I didn't pay attention to the opening credits.


Just checked the end credits and she is listed there. Thank you  deity I don't believe in for PVR

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That was the most adorable episode in I don't know how long, maybe ever!. Everyone's comedic timing was on point..."there's tears in the frosting". Lmao, oh, that Amy. And I was afraid there would be a lack of Shamy feels. 


There were so many Shamy feels that I'm still fangirling.


That'll definitely hold me over til January! Great job cast & writers.

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I loved that they were all skewering each other a bit in their imaginings.  I like that they all know each other so well, and have so much fun together that they can all poke fun and be okay with it.  And poor little Stuart, trying to put himself in the fantasies--I loved his, "...because...Leonard...was...fat..."

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Haha. I loved that line too(i.e. tears in the frosting) I also liked the facial expressions on Sheldon. Especially when he was looking desperate to get out of there after seeing things. Like when his mom tells him to come back in and then his face at the mop. Haha Priceless.

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So, after all the griping and hair-pulling about Amy's fantasy about Sheldon and Penny, are people still thinking it doesn't make sense?  I think it made perfect sense and was also Amy's fantasy about Sheldon--especially that A) he turned Penny down and B ) that he said he was saving himself for a cute, bespectacled neuroscientist.



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