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The Shamy Coitus Deliberation

Doctor Aragonto

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I speak for myself but I am sure many others when i say that the whole story of Shamy's intimacy is very interesting, albeit long. I just want to know what people think will happen and even if they finally have coitus. The build up, the event, after etc....

I think it WILL happen very late in the lifespan of the show.

To be honest atm I can't call HOW it will come about but I see one of two things happening during.

1. We see them go off to the bedroom then cut scene

2. When it happens Sheldon reacts much like he did when Amy showed him how to massage his neck. If he enjoyed that so much imagine sex.

I imagine after we will get a generic moment of the others maybe outside the door listening or walking in as Shamy emerge.

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I posted this on November the 16th in the Shamy spoiler thread:


- 2nd half of s7 a real sober kiss
- beginning s8 regular onscreen kissing
- 2nd half s8 Leonard moves in with Penny
- final episode s8 Amy moves in with Sheldon, with a cliffhanger about shared bedroom or not.
- begin s9 they do not share bedroom, but are regular seen cuddling and kissing.
- 2nd half s9 Amy proposes, Sheldon accepts in a Sheldon way.
- rest of the season preparations for the wedding.
- beginning s10 actual wedding.
- somewhere 1st half s10 Sheldon asks Penny for advice about how to bring having Coitus up to Amy.
- 2/3 of the season, actual Coitus.
- after that either end of show, or Amy gets pregnant somewhere down the line.

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I suspect the three monkeys (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) in Amy's apartment will be utilised, maybe that's why they scrapped the idea and showed us the spanking, to save this visual for the big one.

I love this idea! I definitely think we need to at least hear them a little. Pervert? Maybe, but I love me some Shamy goodness!

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When it finally happens (and I think it will) Sheldon will get plenty of advice beforehand but in the end will just use his ENORMOUS....... intellect and a targeted Google search to learn about the female anatomy and successful coital techniques. He ends up using his "functional and aesthetically pleasing" genitalsto become a distant yet thoroughly effective lover, Amy doesn't walk right for a week.

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I love this idea! I definitely think we need to at least hear them a little. Pervert? Maybe, but I love me some Shamy goodness!

I think the original idea was that we'd only hear the spanking, with the camera pointed at the monkeys, but there was a change of heart on the day of filming (info from the spoiler thread). It's just too good a visual not to use and I do think that often things are funnier when they're left to the imagination (although, from the latest trailer, Amy would disagree). It also offers up the opportunity for ambiguous comments/noises which would mean they could be more risqué than if just the aftermath was shown as they do with the other couples.

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