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Majim Thread


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New here and decided since I ship Majim so hard I'd pop in and say, "Hiya!"  :bye:


Everyone still alive in here?


Shall I send away for stretchers and oxygen masks? 



Hi ....... Welcome!!!!!1..... there are alot of Majim lovers...... you'll be in good company....   

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If u will, go to the beginning of this thread and read the entire history that has taken place on this thread. you will notice that we all acknowledge MaJim as friends and they look cute together so why not ship their friendship.

Actually scratch the "all" part. Everyone has their opinion.

They are very good friends which makes for great chemistry when they're doing their scenes together.


In fact, at the GLSEN awards I keep thinking in his speech he said the person he and Todd agreed should be there with them was Mayim, right?

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