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Are there any other Shamy/Majim moments aside from the bloopers? 


Not really, I don't think.


There are the following extras, which I assume will all be on the DVD set.


Tea Time, I think it's called--the girls found 3 little girls from that tea party scene and kind of have them act like "mini-me" versions of themselves, give them glasses and a tiara and pretend to be each of the actresses and then they do a little pretend interview, etc., even "storming off the set" when Cendrowski tries to give them some direction. :)


There's a segment about how the Bernadette song came to be written, including comments from Kate Micucci (sp?) and the other girl on how they came to write it, as well as comments from Molaro, Simon, and each of the others, I think--just quick little comments from them done one-at-a-time.


There's a 15-minute segment about the Star Wars special effects, including interviews with the BBT set designers and the ILM techies who participated, plus a few comments from Jim, and several of the others, I think.


There's a short bit about JEJ's appearance--though I think most of it has already been seen in previously released interviews.


Then there's the gag reel.

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The Season 7 DVD also includes "The Big Cendrowski: Backstage with the Coolest Director and Cast in the Universe", so there is stuff missing from the iTunes.  Let's be honest.  They want us to purchase that DVD.  :p




Ah--thanks!  I was going to buy the DVD set anyway (because I can't resist.)   :)


And I don't remember off the top of my head what differences there were between the S6 iTunes download and the DVD set.  I remember the Electromagnetism and Paley highlights and the ComicCon writers panel being on the S6 download--or now that I think about it, maybe the ComicCon stuff came with the S7 download.

But I don't remember there being a gag reel on the download, but I might have just overlooked it!  I mean to look last night, but didn't get around to it.


I think that there's always some extra stuff that comes when you first buy the download, so that may have been when I got the ComicCon stuff.

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Phanta let's play the spanners at their own game by having an open discussion on my page, I have kept a few on there

Let me just find something to upload


I don't think I know what that means...LOL


If you're talking about IG, I can't do anything while I'm here at work, where IG is blocked.  I access it through my wi-fi only tablet and don't have any way to do that here.


That reminds me, I also hate those two girls (I assume) who sit there and talk to each other on Jim's IG, in between telling Jim they have a question they want to ask him... :icon_rolleyes:

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