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Majim Thread


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2 hours ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

I'm glad I'm not the only sad act that has to look :rofl:  like peeling back a plaster :bad:

You and me both, sister! It's like a car crash, when you are near one, you just have to stop and watch, even if you know it's not the right thing to do, LOL!!! Anyway, I've always thought that's ridiculous to ship real life couples, when we don't know anything about them apart from the very few information (which may or may not be true) they choose to share with fans or we read on tabloids. In this particular case, it is even beyond ridiculous, it's just disrespectful of who those two people are, of their private lives and of their beloved ones, no person who calls himself\herself a fan should do that. I mean, Jim has been in a very happy relationship with his partner since most of those kids on the internet were in kindergarden (I refute to think those supposed fans are older than that...) As far as I understand, this last complaint about the fact Jim and Mayim are "not friend anymore" started at the beginning of this TBBT season, since they posted less pictures of the two of them together than they used to do, shame on them!!! So those kids started to blame Mayim's date (saying really awful things even in Mayim's IG account, she felt compelled respond) and now Jim. No wonder he now uses his IG account mainly for promoting his charity and his work, and I'm sure all of that will make him looovee this medium even more (sarcasm sign needed)!! Well done guys!!!

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11 minutes ago, stardustmelody said:


And all are happy today!  So glad Kripke is back!


Eeeek I'm so happy to see this after yesterday's awful social media spoiling  by idiots. Thank God Mayim and Jim have taken the higher ground and let it go over their heads. 

Excited for the new TR , with some Kripke too !! 

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