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7.14 "the Convention Conundrum" (January 30)


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I know right it's so romantic omg <3




Sheldon is very star-struck but I also think that it is the .gif catching it just right while he is listening to JEJ.   Sheldon clearly is smitten with the idea he finally has a star that he admires actually not chasing him away, but spending time with him.  How thrilled he must be to not be getting yet another restraining order   :laugh:   So yes, he is very happy.


In the clip with him with the big Teddy Bear, I so want him to bring that back to Amy  I could see her looking at it and thinking "what the heck am I to do with that big thing" and doing her usual  puzzled frown she gives him from time to time when she thinks he is being silly.   :laugh:   Then she would see his sincerity and melt and find it completely adorable and romantic that he brought it back to her. :girlinlove:

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She could put his t-shirt on that instead of the bag of rice. :p


Yes...she can finally get rid of the bag of rice (and the mouse (or was it rat) that inhabits it).  :biggrin:    Now she can have a real thing to cuddle and that could easily wear Sheldon's T-shirt.  Love the idea!  :girlwink:

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Thanks, Chloe!  Ok, that outfit of Amy's is even uglier with her standing up than sitting down.  Good grief, the Queen better check her 1970's wardrobe because it appears Amy has stolen one of her old suits!   Yikes that is ugly and the color washes out anyone's skin tone. 

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