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The Relationship Journey - New Story


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I'm trying to do it different from my other story, am so used to doing smut that its easy to forget current Sheldon


haha yeah I can understand that.


Your "other Sheldon" already has 5 kids to take care of, and a wife (and himself) to keep satisfied.

It's fun to go back to how he is now.

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Lol it might take up all your holidays to read the two multi chapter ones!

One has 48 and the sequel currently has 77 and there will be more to come :)

Hope u enjoy :)


Good, good, that's what I was looking for :p

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I enjoyed, but still looking for this talked about smut.  We have different definitions of smut Chiany!!  Keep it going Rachel.  6 days and then 20 days until the next new one.  These dry spells need fanfiction!!!


You know what I meant, Rachels stories just get real hot real fast, and I love it.


Even kisses are a big deal for Shamy, especially the way Amy plays it out in this story.

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