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Howard wanted to meet Bernadette's parents so he asked them out and surprised Bernadette on their fourth date. Bernadette didn't like the surprise and they broke up.

If one of them would won Nobel price, who won it and why?

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 SNELL, it's all fun and games here.

We can have more that 1 wrong answer.

Like in post # 44, I answer that Penny received a Nobel Prize for discovering a new flavor of Jelly Baby.

And your answer/question in post # 89 (which could mean Penny has received more than one Nobel prize.

 So there could be more than 1 right (wrong) answer to any question.


EDIT: Snell, sorry if I came on too strong ^^. I hadn't had my morning meds yet !


 What does Penny's Dad do for a living?


 YEAH, I know I forgot to answer the last question.

Yes, she DID get a big role in a movie, but she was only 2 years old when it happened.


My question is on my last post. 

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He wanted to show pictures of young Sheldon but Howard didn't want to see them.

Why does Howard have two Star Wars swords in his room?

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