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Is This Tbbt's Worst Season?

Dayton Lavon Kitchens

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Season 7 has had some really weak areas.  The high points were the second Newhart, scavenger, Thanksgiving and the alternate history/Christmas one.


One problem with the show is that it focuses on non-scientific things like Penny's car and the whole episode Friendship Turbulence.

On the other hand, the Thanksgiving show wasn't about science much but I liked it.


I think the show hit its peak at the end of Season 5, when Howard was launching and everybody was transfixed on the screen.  Howard's return was as much a letdown to me, as it was to Howard who had to sit alone with his pie.


Seasons 1-5 were consistently very good except the ones with Stephanie the doctor who I just couldn't stand, and the one with Penny's dad.

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Nope this season isn't the best (s3) but it isn't Horrible, season 6 was by FAR the worst season I didn't even laugh out Loud until a disk and a half into my DVDs

Probs for different reasons, but Season 6 was easily the worst. It was just a hot, directionless mess, with inconsistent characterization, very thin plots and the kind of disjointed storytelling that comes when you have too many hands in the pot.

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