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Is Season 7 Closer To Season 3?

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Yes I get it purists this show is evil now, by S3 it sold out to the masses, and the writers by expanding its audience, subsequently caused the show to get shot with a lethal dose of "dumbed down" theram and get sucked into the relationship vortex. :p. But is s7 closer in premise to s3, s7 writing wise in terms of continuity has kinda been a hit and miss, but its also best to remember tbbt is not the type of show that has massive changes and/or cliffhangers in 22 mins. Its more meticulous slow changes, kina like it is in real life, so its realistic that way. But to me S3 flowed much better, they worked on a plot, like for e.g.. Their were signs Lenny got together too soon, and that built to the bowling scene, haven't seen much of that with the couples this season. Their are aspects of S7 that are stronger then S3, like the characters, their are subtle changes that have made the characters seem less self narccistic and more believable, particularly with Penny and Howard. Clearly you get a lot of ppl who are sick of romance in the show, this ain't Friends!!!! Screams the nerd with a I love Shenny shirt on :p, but maybe these ppl need to realize this was never a show about geeks, but a show about ppl on the backdrop of geek culture. The premise of the show was four eggheads becoming socially aware. So maybe if your disenchanted ;) Maybe you need to rewatch the pilot and get a slap in the face :). As while this show is no longer geeky to a fault, it can't be the guys getting older just can't pull it off, your seeing a show slowly mature. And seeing geeks can deal with real world problems now, so the characters are more believable and relatable now IMO. I mean the show got critized early on for perpetuating the stereotype nerds can't get chicks, now they can its now sold out lol. With a huge audience tbbtb can't cater to everyone's personal tastes, just not possible, but they are doing a great job. But back to S7 and S3, in terms of comedy while the writing has lacked balance, their are EPs like Scavenger, Thanksgiving, Hofstedder Deficiency etc. That were vintage big bang. But theirs also a case for keeping the show original and fresh after seven years, doing something that while so unique and different, and cannot be rehashed on any show. At the same time even in TV land live moves on, these characters have moved on so after so many years you just cannot have the same impact they used too. You hear lack of original ideas, but then saying oh Howards not funny anymore, well based on your logic using Howard being more believable, the fact he's married make that more original? I think those kinda viewers simply forgot to change with the show, so they well always be stuck in a never ending state of homeostasis, or 1-3 ;), they simply outgrew the show. But personally S7 in terms of comedy is closer, not saying better but closer to s3 then 4,5, and 6.

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