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My Favorite Big Bang Theory Kisses Ever

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After Sheldon and Amy just had the most epic Best Kiss in History of the Big Bang Theory I decided to create this video list of my personal favorite Kisses Ever on the show.  I think we can all guess which kiss will be at number one. :kissing:  I'm sure everyone's list is different, so feel free to mention your favorites if you want too.  But these are mine and I will always love them and the couples that created them.


Honorable mention kisses (Raj kissing Lucy through the fence, Raj sexy making out with Molly.  Leonard and Penny kiss at the airport after they both say I love you and Raj and Howard kissing through those weird electronic lips)




- This wasn't their best kiss, but it certainly was an adorable first kiss.  I started out as  season one as more of a Leonard girl and this is why, this scene right here made me love Leonard so much cause he had the opportunity to take advantage of Penny at this moment when she was so vulnerable and he didn't.  He earned that kiss as far as I'm concerned and all the kisses from her since because of his kindness and selflessness in moments like these, he recently did it again by refusing to accept her drunken marriage proposal even though we all know he wants to marry her so badly, I respect him so much more when he doesn't take the easy way out and does the noble thing even when its really hard to do it because he wants her so badly. 


9.  My ninth favorite kiss, well unfortunately I couldn't find a video for it sadly it must have been taken down from Youtube :(  If you find one please let me know cause I'd love to add it.  But its the Howard/Bernadette kiss when Howard gives her that beautiful star necklace she always wears now and tells her that he is going take it with him to space so she will have a star that was actually in space. One of most romantic gifts I've ever heard of and the kiss she gives him after he puts it on her neck is lovely.   I honestly think out of all four guys Howard has not only grown the most, he is also the most romantic one gift giver of all time



and this one are tied


- Penny and Amy kissing Sheldon all over his face is just adorable.  I love that Sheldon asked Amy to make Penny stop kissing him and instead she just joins in too funny.   And Penny and Amy kissing in front of Sheldon is also really cute. I love Bernadette singing at the beginning. Funny how now that song fits the latest kiss Amy and Sheldon just had where they kiss for a long time LOL.   I also love each of the characters reactions to Penny/Amy kiss.  Penny giggling, Amy singing I kissed a girl and I liked it and Sheldon acting all disturbed and jealous over it. 




- Raj and Howard kissing has gotten to be one of the funniest most awkward things I've ever seen.  As much as I really want Raj to find a girl to love him ASAP and as much as I love Howardette as a couple too, I'll also always just a little bit wonder what it would have been like if Raj and Howard were gay characters in love with each other, how adorable they would be together.   Definitely one of greatest Bromances of all time for sure even better than Sheldon and Leonard relationship in my opinion.




- Howard and Bernadette getting married is still my favorite BBT finale ever and really the entire gang has funny adorable moments in this video, and the kiss is very simple, but its perfect for a wedding and I like how the camera pans out after the kiss to show Mrs. Wolowitz for first time, the beautiful heart with an arrow design and the whole globe its just beautiful ending.  I honestly hope that LENNY and SHAMY both get to have equally cool weddings someday, but Howardette will always get to claim rights as the first BBT couple to get married so good for them.




- The Best part about this one is how excited Amy is about her Tiara and the way Sheldon still puts his arms around her at the end showing me that even though his face reads like he doesn't like all this affection his arms and the fact that he didn't pull away from her or get mad at her shows how much he cares for her.  Bonus points that Penny was there to witness Amy's triumph and root for them. 




- This Leonard and Penny Kiss is definitely a memorable one.  Leonard coming back after his first summer away from Penny and Penny finally coming to her senses and realizing how much she wants him that she just can't contain herself and leaps into his kiss.  The silly fake beards the guys are wearing in this scene adds just right amount of humor to it and really besides Penny saying "I love you" to Leonard for first time and perhaps a proposal from her later down the line, I'm pretty sure its this kiss that means the most to him out of them all. 





- The First Shamy Kiss Ever was also right around the time I realized why I love Amy Farrah Fowler so much, she is not just a genius vixen with a fondness for monkeys.  She is truly "FASCINATING"  Up until this moment I thought Sheldon would never enjoy this kind of physical contact, but once I saw him closes his eyes and not run away screaming I knew for sure that these two had something very special and I love the added humor that its Amy that ends up running off and throwing up instead, when you know if you'd told anyone before this episode about this first kiss they'd have expected it to be him doing that so BRAVO! writers for pulling another fast one on Shelly and The Shamy lovers. 




- Leonard and Penny have shared many kisses over the years, but not quite as hot as this drunken neck licking, lime loving sexy make out kiss.  Penny was so sexy even in a baseball cap and sweat shirt, and Leonard spitting out the lime at the end is just priceless comedy as far as I'm concerned.


1.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zva3SRxQCv0 


- Now what more can I say about the way Sheldon kisses Amy here besides HOT DAMN! Best Kiss Ever!!!  I honestly think this will one will go down in sitcom history as truly one of the best kisses ever and its certainly my favorite right now even beating out or at least tying my previous sitcom favorite kiss of all time Cory/Topanga.  WAY TO GO SHAMY, I don't think I'll ever get tired of rewatching it and I hope we get many, many more great kisses to add to the list from all the couples.  :kiss:  

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