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here are some questions that bug me,please discuss  .  1. why don't the writers follow any continuity with jthe story lines, example; PENNY QUIT he job several episodes ago, how is she paying her rent, buying groceries, or just living?  2. why doesn't penny have a last name? 3. when is Lenard going to grow a pair and let penny know that after 7 years it time to make up her mind about him, such as living together or getting married, and if she refuses, he should do the unthinkable to her and dump her butt and find someone who really could care about him.

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These have been discussed here before, but basically:


1: They writers, actors, and producers have said repeatedly, that they don't feel the need to rush into resolving things.  Some examples are Penny saying "I love you" and then nothing being said about the relationship for another four episodes, Sheldon and Amy with their D and D thing last year, and nothing between them for several episodes this year.  There are some things they do right away, such as Penny quitting as a continuation of her part being cut, but the show has a history of letting things lie for a while.


2) She has a last name, it just hasn't been mentioned.  The producers have said that it will be revealed, eventually.


3) He isn't going to dump her.  One of the whole premises of the show is that Leonard fell for Penny in the first episode.   Penny loves him and really cares for him.  She just isn't that good at showing it sometimes (See The Romance Resonance to see that she does care).  

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