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A poll for the Penny/Sheldon 'shippers' - Who should Penny be with?


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For those interested in the statistics of it all, here is the poll's history. It does show a marked increase in Sheldon votes over a 2 hour period, perhaps when it was posted to Paradox. http://the-big-bang-theory.com/pollHistory/25/ Apologies for the way the data is presented, I've just put this together. It's not the easiest to read, but then geeks might like raw data like this. :D You can see it from 13:41 to 15:41 on September 29th. That said, Sheldon did lead from the start - although by lesser margins. For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not suggesting it was wrong or that the poll was gamed, or that the P/S community is any less entitled to vote. Everybody is entitled to vote, and sites can post links and have their communities vote as much as they want. It's simply interesting from a statistical point of view.

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Well, my user name says it anyway, I find this data really interesting :icon_biggrin:

I plotted it for better visualisation (you'll have to click on it and safe it to enlarge I guess?).


The significant increase in Sheldon votes occurred from 13:41 to 15:41 on September 29th. The link was posted on Paradox at 13:32 on September 29th. (assuming it's the same time zone)

The interesting point (for me) is that except for the peak increase (probably due to Paradox members) the overall increase for ALL votes is approximately the same, though with a slight advantage for Sheldon votes.

From my point of view, we can conclude two things from this poll:

1.) there is generally more support towards Sheldon than towards Leonard amongst the online community

2.) the SP fans are organised and easily mobilised while the LP fans aren't

However, we cannot conclude from this poll how big the "none of these guys/I don't care group" is because they wouldn't organise themselves anywhere online. I personally suspect that if a representative sample group of online AND offline fans was asked that the numbers of "I don't care/none of these guys" would go up and PS and LP votes would be more or less even. But that's just a guess.

And again, all of this is just statistical curiosity and NOT meant to offend anyone for any personal view!

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Ok I lied, this will be my last post.

You guys are missing the point. This thread is more like the last straw to me. I'm finally tired of watching shippers desperately trying to explain their views just so they can be left alone. Because as I said, that's all we want: Respect to see things the way we do. This is what we expect from non-shippers.

The way things are now, it's as if the shippers have taken the role of being considered ~in the wrong and lenny fans/no romance (whatever you happen to be) all decide that they need to put an end to this ~insanecrazystupid way of thinking. So they go into any given thread (even if it's a designated s-p shipper thread) and force us to give answers for what makes us think the way we think. Well, I'm now asking myself, why the flimmin'-flamin'-flackin' do we have to explain it? As if we need approval to want to see this ship to set sail? Um, yeah, we don't. We have the right to want to see this as anyone else who watches this or any other show.

And female nerd - about this particular thread - my point was that this thread turned into a debate against s-p instead of it being focussed on everyone's personal reasons for voting the way they did. It was like another opportunity to say how incomprehensible it is to you.

If you disagree, then you could have posted "I don't have a crush on any of the actors nor do I identify myself with one of the characters"

Right but that's my point right there. Why do I need to even offer that explanation???? This thread should have been about why you voted the way you voted. If S-P was not your vote, whyyyyyy in that same flimmin' flamin flackin' way would you bring them up?

And let me just say this is not just one "little disagreement" this is a largely felt attitude spread over every single public forum that discusses bbt. This thread was just one example of it. Like I was saying, I have seen discussions (and had a few) with the non romance people and lenny shippers about S-P where it was decided that the sides just couldn't agree but I think now the s-p shippers are getting frustrated with always being put down so we're saying "hey, why do I have to explain this?" If you don't like the pairing, FINE! Why can't you just let those of us who do, enjoy it? I rarely see the s-p shippers going into lenny threads and things to post comments that they know will cause upset. So why can't the same courtesy be extended the other way?

As for the organisation of the shippers - you're right, we do have an organised place to go and like I suggested, if you're really that concerned that the non-shippers don't.... why not create your own??? Then you could post polls like this and see if it makes any 'difference' to the outcome. But considering that most shippers stick to the nice atmosphere in paradox now - public message boards have become a place for the non shippers as far as I have noticed so I'm guessing that's the reason for why nothing official has been set up.

Anyways, I'm talking way too much so I'm going to stop now. It would be so nice to get along with everyone but even having posted in this discussion, I'm exhausted.

I hope you all enjoy the episodes we get in the future.

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