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The TBBT quiz Thread


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That's what Raj says about Leonard in "The Bat Jar Conjecture" because he selpt with Leslie Winkle and she dumped him!

Hm, then: what das "Kreplach" mean? :D

That's yiddish for meat filled dumpling, It's also Klingon for a hardy Klingon dumpling :p

What shouldn't you spill on a helium neon laser?

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I think any liqiud spilled on a neon helium laser would be a bad thing, but I think you're refering to Peach Snapple. ;)

Wow, coming up with questions is harder than answering them...

What does Sheldon call the engeneers?

Oompa Loompa's of science :D

When Sheldon is visiting the Engineering department, What is Wolowitz working on? :p

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Hehe, luckily I was just watching the clip on YoutTube. "A small payload support structure for a European science experimental package that's going up into space." O.K, then.... why, according to Sheldon, doesn't Penny want to talk to leonard about her breakup with Mike? ;)

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lol, that's a hard one! Not only did I had to rewatch the episode, but I actually have to close-caption it and hit ''pause! Anyway, according to Sheldon, it's because ''[her] emotional response originate in the primitive portion of the brain, the amygdala, while speech is centered in the recently developped neocortez, and the former easily overpower the latter, rending her speechless... or maybe she just doesn't wanna talk.'' Anyway, my question: What is the technical term Howard uses for his ''high-tech toilet''?

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Bilkis, since you didn post a new question I take the one you posted earlier.

the answer is lime jello.

Next question. What is/was "Papa Doc's capitol idea"

Port-au-Prince :)

What does a computer use to factorize large numbers ?

Hi by the way ! I just moved across the hall ;)

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"... chrushes lizard, lizard poisons spock, spock smashed scissors, scissors decapitate lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves spock, spock vaporizes rock and as it always has rock crushed scissors." Hahaha, I've tried to explain it to my sister because we always play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to sit in the front passengers seat when my mother is driving the car... She just stared at me and then sat in the back. :D Edit: Oh, I forgot the next question! What was "the only option"?

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