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The TBBT quiz Thread


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Amy: Cornucopia. What a mellifluous word.

Sheldon: Let’s make that our word of the day.

Amy: Agreed. And we’ll use mellifluous tomorrow.

What costume does Raj wear to Penny's halloween party.....not the "Flash" the "Other" one.

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OK here goes....

guitar - rock band




What Justice League character does Raj dress as....

You left out the recorder from the Shelbot episode.

Aquaman (he sucks!)

What was the name of the restaurant Leonard bought 4000 empty containers from?

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If you mean when she's practicing bartending, then it'd be a Virgin Diet Cuba Libre (aka Diet Coke) in a tall glass with a lime wedge.


If you meant when he's upset after he learns that Leonard is the main focus of their social group, he goes on his phone, finds an app and asks Penny to make him a 'Rosewater Ricky'. (However, Penny has no clue how to make it, so instead she just pours him a shot of tequila). She sets it down in front of him and says, "Here you go. One Rosewater Ricky."

After getting robbed, Sheldon decides to move away from Pasadena----Where does he decide to relocate to?

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That it's all good...

What kind of beer is Kurt drinking when the guys try to retrieve Penny's money.

eep! :icon_eek: I don't know the answer to that, been waiting all day for someone else to answer and pose a question I could respond to. So I'll throw out my question, even though I couldn't get Kurt's beer (heineken? just a guess)

What was Amy's response to Sheldon's question, "What's 16x14?"

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