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The TBBT quiz Thread


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That it's all good...

What kind of beer is Kurt drinking when the guys try to retrieve Penny's money.

eep! :icon_eek: I don't know the answer to that, been waiting all day for someone else to answer and pose a question I could respond to. So I'll throw out my question, even though I couldn't get Kurt's beer (heineken? just a guess)

What was Amy's response to Sheldon's question, "What's 16x14?"

(it's hard to really see, but I think he is drinking a Michelob Ultra)

A: My burps taste like cranberries.

Q: Why does Sheldon think Sea World is better than Lego Land?

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A: Sea World has Shamu, who is literally a ton of fun.

Q: What is the name of the dish that Howard's mother cooks up every Thanksgiving?

A: Turbriskafil

Q: What time does Raj say he will wait till he has a brandy?

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Strawberry Quick

what is the name of the grad student that Sheldon picks up at the faculty mixer?

(note, several questions above, the correct answer to the question of when does Raj say he will wait to have a brandy is "That's very good. Jolly amusing, but if you don't mind, I'll hold off until sunset on titan")

A: Martha

Q: What's the keyboard shortcut Raj uses to blow up the Gates of Elzabob(sp)?

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Haha I remember this one well....he says "Hiney" instead of "Honey".

"Some 'hiney would be nice." (Penny: 'hiney?') (Sheldon, looking embarrassed by the typo, then types in the correct one, but it sounds like he's now calling her 'Honey').

What does Sheldon call Leonard in passing when he's finally ready to make his big acceptance speech?

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