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The TBBT quiz Thread


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Finish the line for Raj, "Not only are there children starving in India, there's......"

"... There's an Indian starving right here!".

Sheldon proceeds to (idiotically) argue they cannot order WHAT FOOD because only three of them are at the restaurant and why would that food cause problems in his mind?

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Noah Webster

What are Sheldon's two favorite pink beverages?

Strawberry Quick and....... :icon_evil: grrrrr you did it again stumper

I'll help you out here - Pepto Bismol!

What two very different snacks does Raj eat together when he's really high in The Adhesive Duck Deficiency?

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Sheldon: Excuse me, Wolverine: Origin. Miniseries issue two, page 22. Retractable bone claws. If you people spent less time thinking about sex and more time concentrating on comic books, we’d have far fewer of these embarrassing moments.

What song is Amy playing and singing when she complains that Sheldon is ruining date night in The Werewolf Transformation?

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Got me with this one. All I know is it's from episode 2:20.

Ok since we play this the most will give you "Props" on the episode # it was "Robin" Howard needed it for his "Batman" collection and Sheldon for "Robin"

You get the next question fire away!

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"It's hot in here, it must be Summer" kinda lame I thought.

What does Sheldon need to complete his reactor in the barn?

Yellow cake uranium

On Sheldon's Physics Bowl team, what is the mascot of the university the janitor went to?

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Polar Bears

Finish the line for Leonard:

Penny: Oh, what are we gonna do?

Leonard: We? No, no, no, you had your chance to be we for, like, a year and a half now. Right now, you are you, and you are .......

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Priya. She sits.

Why didn't Leonard wear his Battlestar Galactica flightsuit on Halloween?

It's not a costume, it's a flight suit.

Who does Sheldon guess is going up with Howard's telescope as a payload specialist?

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