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7.18 'the Mommy Observation' (March 13)


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Always funny when the gang participates in Raj's mystery games, hopefully this time Leonard does not say any stupid things to Penny like he did on the last one.  Wondering Sheldon's mother has aboyfriend or his sister moved in with her baby, could be tough financial situation for Sheldon's mom.

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being unspoiled myself I didn't catch that all, I thought Stewart had fainted for some reason, I may stay away until the next epi just in case ;o)


I assure you I don't know what happens. I only speculate. :) Perhaps Stuart did faint from all the excitment! We will have to wait and see. :)

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is it difficult to get tickets to see BBT?

It can be. According to Audiences Unlimited, the three they had on the schedule were already sold out. Although there are two standby tickets available, see the Season seven spoiler thread.

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Thanks, Chloe.  That is going to be so funny. I can't wait for this episode.   Sheldon and Mary, and Sheldon and Howard, are going to be a riot in this one.   I think the Murder Mystery will be fun and entertaining, but the scene stealers are going to be Sheldon/Howard/Mary. :girlwink:

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Even though I have never been to a murder mystery party and loved seeing Sheldon and Howard in Texas with Sheldon explain seeing a parent having sex perfectly with the line of "I saw my mommy with a naked man and she was trying to be a mommy again."
 And there are some very good scenes the episode and had more backstory for Howard’s mom having a boyfriend before his Bar Mitzvah and Raj’s predictions of where the gang will be in 20 years and Sheldon also accepting the fact of his mom having a boyfriend towards the end of the episode and loved seeing Stuart in that aged makeup in 2034.
Over all a very good episode IMHO.
Edited by JoeSal90
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I liked the Howard backstory and seeing Sheldon's mom again. The throwaway joke about the Relationship Agreement was tiresome (yes, they've discussed things like mature adults...but also intelligent dog uprising! sigh) and was disappointed not to hear what Bernadette's future facts were in the murder mystery. Howard got more attention this episode, but Bernie keeps being ignored this season, which is unfortunate, IMO.


Please tell me there are some Shamy scenes coming soon! I'm going thru serious withdrawal here post-SIK.

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I managed to catch the episode live this time, and it's late now so I'll write a proper review later, but I have to say I think this might be one of the best of the season so far. Really high up. More Laurie please!!! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this new dynamic with Sheldon and Mary, with Sheldon acting like a grown man, rather than a toddler. And the murder mystery party was also hilarious, this is my favorite version of Raj. Penny and Amy were on fire tonight I thought. Excellent episode.

Edited by koops
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I really liked this episode. I enjoyed seeing the friendship moments between Sheldon and Howard while they were talking in Sheldon's old room. I also liked Sheldon's discussion with his mom. The murder mystery dinner party was pretty fun to see too.

You guys have no IDEA how hard it was not to freak out and scream when Amy was talking about the relationship agreement! :p

I love how Sheldon and Amy have talked about all these things like what to do if something happens with one of their careers or if one of them has financial issues. It helps to show how strong their relationship is. Edited by SSGirl
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