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Contest Announcement

This is to announce a contest, based on the ratings for the sweeps dates. The prize will be a $20 gift certificate at Amazon.

The contest is open to members of The Big Bang Theory Fansite forums, with at least three posts. All entrants must be at least 18 years of age. The contest is open world wide, except where prohibited or the delivery of the prize is not possible or prohibited. Only one entry per user is allowed. A valid email address will be required for the delivery of the prize. The decisions of the judges are final.

To enter, send a PM addressed to both Tripper and Tensor. In the subject, please put “Ratings Contest”. In the body of the PM, please include your username, and your prediction for the average demo and average viewers for the four sweeps episodes (April 24th, May 1st, May 8th, and May 15th) of The Big Bang Theory. Predictions can be to two decimal places. Entries must be timestamped before 2:00 AM on April 25th, 2014 Eastern Standard Time (New York). PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR PREDICTIONS IN THIS THREAD. A verification reply will be sent after your entry has been received.  

The winner will be the person with the lowest combined percentage difference between the prediction and the actual average for the demo and total viewers. To allow for calculations and verification, the winner will be notified no later than 22 May, 2014 and announced when the winner replies to the notification email. In case of a two person tie, the prize will be split. The winner in the case of a tie of three or more will be determined randomly.

I will use the ratings numbers reported by TV by the Numbers in their Final Thursday Ratings posts for each of the sweeps nights. Any questions can either be asked in the contest thread or sent to me via PM.

For clarification, the following are the time deadline in various parts of the world.

Los Angeles April 24th,    11 PM (2300)
New York April 25th,          2 AM (0200)
UTC April 25th,                   7 AM (0700)
London April 25th,              8 AM (0800)
Mumbai April 25th,       11:30 AM (1130)
Melbourne April 25th,          4 PM (1600)
Perth April 25th,                   2 PM (1400)

Please check your local times.



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Is this for the initial figures or final figures for each episode??,


The average for the final Live + SD,  for the last four episodes.  Note i specified the Finals Ratings Post at TV by the Numbers.  

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Kasey has won the Rating Contest with a total percentage difference in demo and total viewers of 40.56%. The top three:

Name                          Demo Dif                Total Viewer Dif               Total Difference


Kasey                          18.86%                       21.70%                           40.56%

delsino                         22.73%                      23.60%                           46.32%

rachelshammyfan        31.82%                      23.91%                           55.73%



I have been in touch with Kasey and will send along her gift card.  Congratulations Kasey.      

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