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Guess I am the only scientist in this forum... or at least, the only one admitting to it :)

I have a PhD in biology, and worked in the university for a few years. I have taught undergraduates, supervised some post-graduate students, whilst working in R&D. I have recently moved to industry, for a change.

For good or bad, I have yet to work with anyone who has personas like TBBT!

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I am in first semester only, cuz before this uni I wanted to finish some other stuff mentioned above.

We will have Latin next semester and we will also have to choose between akkadian or sumerian. Any advise?

Oh, hittite? Cool. I wish could study that, too, but there isn't any course on that here... :(

Oh, akkadian or sumerian? That's tough! I think if I had to choose, I'd pick akkadian. As the younger language it has taken up a lot of vocabulary from the sumerian language, so you learn a some sumerian along the way as well.

Personally, I think sumerian is much more fun, but it's really a question of what you like better: learning lots of verb forms by heart and being able to translate them, or brooding over indefinite forms and ambiguities.

Ad: Yay. Three cheers for starchild. We finally found a real scientist. :)

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